TuxedTuxedo_Touch_with_Honeywell_Total_Connect_Video_hio Touch by Honeywell

Tuxedo Touch by Honeywell is so easy to use, it is the perfect choice for any home or business. Tuxedo Touch is a great tool for anyone looking for convenience and an easy to use system. Whether you are a business or a homeowner Tuxedo Touch can keep your products or family safe.

Here are a few reasons to choose Tuxedo Touch for your security system:

Voice Control

  • By simply saying “Hello Tuxedo” you can bring your home to life and activate all the many functions Tuxedo Touch has to offer.
  • You can say simple commands like “Wake Up” and Tuxedo Touch will raise your light shades or turn up the heat to the perfect temperature. If it is time for bed you can say “Bedtime” and it will lock your doors, turn on your security alarm, turn off your lights and even turn down the temperature.
  • This voice control option is the ultimate convenience tool to help make your life easier and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.


Remote Services

  • With Tuxedo Touch, you can now control and receive important alerts about your home or business right from your smartphone or tablet with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.  You can use any of your devices whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV monitor any will work with Tuxedo Touch. Now you can rest easy while you’re away knowing that your home is just a touch away.


  • Now you can lock and unlock your doors using Tuxedo Touch. You can also disarm your security tuxedotouchkeyalarm from the keypad on the lock.

Picture Frame and Video Viewer

  • You can view high-resolution photos and videos right from the touch screen to keep your home full of your favorite memories. All you have to do to use this feature is insert your SD card into the touch screen.
  • The touch screen comes with a choice of white or silver housings to match your home decor and the extra large screen makes your pictures easy to see.