ProdataKey Access Control


ProdataKey Access Control is fully equipped to control hundreds of doors by connecting to Eight Door and Single Door Controllers as well as communicating with Wimac™ Wireless and Network technology to communicate wirelessly with doors up to one-mile distance. This single “do it all” installation can save you up to 75% with the plug and play solution.

ProdataKey Access Control uses advanced technology to provide one of the smaller, powerful, and more versatile systems out there. The Access Control Appliance doesn’t need to use a dedicated computer to run, which saves money and time. You can also remote connect with the internet to see real-time changes and functionality.

There are no licensing costs to the software for ProdataKey Access Control. There is also a mobile app you can use to gain functionality of doors and reports right from your smart phone.

When you install ProdataKey Access Control with Security Alarm Portland you will receive a “lifetime equipment warranty program” that guarantees a quality solution and installation. Security Alarm Portland is also a silver certified installer of ProdataKey Access Control systems in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas which makes us the best choice for the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of your system.

The Access Control Panel benefits:

  • Unlimited card holders
  • Years of event storage available
  • Battery backup
  • Auto data backup
  • Can be serviced or programmed remotely from anywhere with a laptop or mobile device connected to the internet.

If your commercial building has an elevator the ProdataKey Access Control Appliance allows you to use the Door Controller as the Elevator Control. This is possible because the Single Door Controller will lock out one elevator floor with two reader inputs, while the Eight Door Controller will lock out ten floors with eight reader inputs. The Eight Door Controller acts as a hybrid to control the door and elevator access with full transparency to the user.


ProdataKey Access Control uses innovation and advanced technology to create a simple solution for your business needs. ProdataKey Access Control has a user-friendly, easy to use software that will make the programming easy for you. We want to make your life easier by installing and maintaining your system for you. Call us today to find out where to get started.